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Lost And Found : A Sign Photography Book, Nostalgia

Lost & Found : Nostalgia, is the first volume of six books. It is a 10"x8" soft cover book that contains photographs of Ghost Signs of historical recognizable brand names like: Coca-Cola, Uneeda Biscuit & Gold Medal Flour. It singles out and expands upon the first chapter of my first self-published book. Each photograph is accompanied with a brief contextual story. Not only is it a resource book for artists & designers; but it also makes a great coffee table book or gift for nostalgia and travel enthusiasts.


Lost And Found : A Sign Photography Book, Open For Business

This book focuses on the type-face associated with building facades, signs in unusual places and lesser known advertising.


Lost And Found : A Sign Photography Book, Rusty Gold

This book focuses on aged metal and enamel signs.


Lost And Found : A Sign Photography Book, Close-Up

This book takes an extremely close look at intimate ads and small signs.  It highlights the textures in signs created by the passage of time and exposure to the elements of nature.


Lost And Found : A Sign Photography Book, Neon

This book covers lighted signs, ranging from the remains of a rusty neon carcass, to the newest and restored neon.


2017 Calendar

This 2017 calendar is great for people who love American History seen through the eyes of pop culture.  Each month is accompanied by an original photograph of an old neon sign that conjures nostalgic feelings of our past.  Go to and type in my name, Derek Stenborg, into the search bar.



Lost And Found : A Sign Photography Book, Ghost Signs Of The Future

This book acknowledges the rebirth of painted advertising and the creativity of new mural ads.


Lost And Found : A Sign Photography Book, Street Art

This book shows a view of the ever fleeting genre of Street Art, which is always evolving.


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